Incredible App with indoor cycling classes with really great variety of trainers. Good decision to keep fit & cheer up. All sorts of spinning workouts are available: Intervals & arms, Power Zone, Low impact, Climb, Live Dj & Artists series!

It’s an App with access to the full library of live and on-demand classes: cycling + running, strength & yoga. It is one of the most popular & successful start-ups in this industry! 

With daily live classes and thousands more on-demand, there are a variety of workouts for every rider. Hope some of you also will energize with them!


@Every Day on-line classes + on demand workouts

*Digital Membership costs $12.99/month

* 30-day free trial !!


You can find more info on their site:


NOTE: You do not need to purchase on-line workouts via our site. Use a link in event description to take part or buy tickets.

Every Day cycling (price for a month)